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Hearing Aids and Growing Old

See that picture? That’s the latest signpost on my way to the magical land of Growing Old. They’re the hearing aids I picked up yesterday. So small, yet so expensive. Before the discount I got through my medical insurance, they… Continue Reading →

A Disappointing Number

My new A1C result is back. It was 6.0, which is in the pre-diabetic range. While that may sound like good news, it’s really not. My previous reading was 5.7, so my blood sugar has gone up a bit. This… Continue Reading →

A Healthy View

I’m 56. That isn’t old, but it sure ain’t young. And along with creases and sags here and there, age also brings with it the unwelcome guest of increasing health issues. Organ Recital To start with, I have diabetes. It’s… Continue Reading →

A Tale of Lust

I can resist everything except temptation. oscar wilde There you were, staring at me, naked invitation on your face. I innocently opened the freezer door, and you thrust yourself out in your full glory. You dared me to look away,… Continue Reading →

Why I Cycle

My world changed as the result of one number. That number was 7.5. I received that number in February 2018. I had a physical, which included an A1C check as part of my bloodwork. A1C measures your glucose levels. Mine… Continue Reading →

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