This is me on my ride today, showing off my new Race Pace jersey. I love the colors.

I’m at probably my favorite location in Carroll County, MD, where I live. This is on Benson Rd., right next to a very steep s-curve that goes down into a valley. You can see the valley behind me. Spectacular, no?

Lots of Carroll County is like this. Great beauty around here, lots of trees, valleys and farmland.

It was the warmest day of the year so far. It was mid-60s on this ride, and will be like this for the next few days. Gotta take advantage while I can! No telling how long it’ll last in March, which is one crazy weather month here. It can literally be in the 70s one day and snow the next.

Race Pace is my LBS, and they’re great. I’ll write more about them soon.