Bicycling Magazine published a profile of yours truly on their website. They titled it “How Cycling Helps Him Manage His Diabetes.”

The article came about from a form I filled out on their website, asking for stories from those whose health has benefited from cycling (although that’s pretty much all of us, isn’t it?)

The editor of the article, Jordan Smith, got back to me and we did some emailing back and forth. The result is this article, which I thought came out really well.

The focus is on how cycling helped me control my diabetes. I’ve written about that more extensively here, as well. It was definitely a defining moment in my life, and I hope others read about it and see how it can help them, too.

It’s sort of interesting to be featured in a magazine. I’ve been a writer and editor myself for decades, and have done many of these types of profiles for others. Being on the other side of the process is fun, I have to say!

Thanks again, Jordan and Bicycling for the article.